Terms & Conditions

Our campsite is a unique 50 acre property surrounded by the beautiful Andhra Lake. This wilderness retreat is used for environmental education, adventure sports, corporate training, and weekend getaways. The complex has won national awards and has a symbiotic relationship with the landscape.

YMCA Camp Lakeside is not a hotel or resort. There is no room service, and everyone at the campsite washes their own plates after meals.

Our ‘campsite’ is in a wilderness location. While we strive to be open and available to all, please note that there are parts of the campsite that are not fully accessible by the physically challenged. Our remote location also means that electronic gadgets may not always work as intended or have access to proper signals. Expect to see critters (insects, frogs, etc), birds, and other wildlife during your stay.

Please note:

* We’re a campsite and training centre, not a resort. Please follow the guidelines given to you onsite by our staff, during the short (but important) orientation session which will be given to the group on arrival.

* Outdoor activities are dependent on favourable conditions. Given that many people use our equipment, intensely, for prolonged time frames, it is possible that an activity may not be available at the last moment due to maintenance issues.

* If sensitive to mosquitoes while in the outdoors, please carry your favourite insect repellent (Odomos, coils etc)

* Meal timings have to be adhered to. Please do not expect to be waited on at the campsite, if you choose to be tardy/late.

* Power is normally supplied 24x7. In the event of a power outage, the backup generator will be run, except between 11.30pm to 6.15am.

* Updates, if any, will be conveyed to the email ID or mobile number registered with us.

* If the camping group wishes to use the adventure activity areas on their own, with or without externally hired professionals, there will be a royalty charge of Rs.5000/- for property usage. In such an occasion, all liability is borne by the concerned group, not the YMCA.

* Our accommodation arrangement is normally 8 people per cabin or 10 people per large tent. If your group is a mix of men and women, please plan accordingly.

* Booking is on a 1st come, 1st serve basis. Without the required booking advance to confirm your trip, you may lose out to another group

* Please note, no drugs or alcohol is permitted on site.

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